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  • sergio disse:

    Bom dia!

    Qual empresa executa tamanha obra?

  • Claudinei Antunes disse:

    Proposal for Catering Services Event
    Menu 01

    • Normal Water and Water w / gas.
    • Refrigerant: Coca-Cola and Guarana Antarctica and regular diet.
    • Juice varied flavors.
    • Chopp (Brahma, Heineken, Stella Artois) the customer’s taste
    • Nespresso

    Mix Nuts
    Individually packaged portions.
    • Seed Mix: Pistachio, almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts.
    • Mix Dried and Dehydrated Fruits: Apple, Pear, Mango, pineapple, plum, apricot, fig Turkish, Date, Persimmon, Banana, Raisin, Papaya, Kiwi, Strawberry, cider, orange in strips lemon in strips.

    Items individually wrapped.
    • Mix Petit Four.
    • Mix of traditional chips, full and Snacks.
    • Bullets Butter Toffes, Goma bullets and cooling pads.
    • Mini Truffles.
    • cereal Bars.
    • Traditional Cookies and full

    Folders and Snacks Served with Toast (2 options / Day)
    • Dried Tomato w / Basil Tuna w / Capers
    • Four Cheese, Turkey Breast, Ervam Finas

    • Tabua of Cold
    • Sushi Bread
    • Savory Baked Goods
    • Subway Sandwiches

    Payment 75% deposit and balance 10 times the invoice or Credit Card via PagSeguro or paypal

    • Catering Services average of 25 visitors / customers per event day.
    R $ 4930.00 total for up to 4 days of the event (Includes 1 Chopp barrel and Beer cooler Free rent-free)
    • Average for Catering Service 50 visitors / customers per event day.
    R $ 5600.00 total for up to 4 days of the event (Includes 2 Chopp Barrel Beer cooler Free rent-free)
    • Catering Services average of 100 visitors / customers event day.
    R $ 6950.00 total for up to 4 days of the event (Includes 3 Chopp Barrel Beer cooler Free rent-free)

    Skilled labor:
    Already included in the budget
    Waitress / Waiter / scullery (If necessary)
    Basic cleaning Stand (includes removal of garbage, remove dust from furniture during the fair, light cleaning the floor)


    The buffet service is intended only to visitor interest by the exhibitor product, our employees are instructed not to serve to visitors who pass through the fair to get gifts without the intention and knowledge of the product but exposed on the stand

    The structure itself for mounting Buffet and refrigerator, pantry and storage of the products is due to the exhibitor, always orient not forget to request stand automaker ample place for storage of drinks and materials of the Buffet.

    It is up to the customer to provide site with points of light and water if there is no water point, you need to work with disposables.

    Service credentials necessary to perform the same is due to the exhibitor, if the number of people you hire the service exceeds our employees are aware to ask the responsible whether to continue with the services or stop so that the average is not exceeded.
    Our employees have the 8-hour service 1 hour to rest and may be combined with the head of the stand, the period to 12 hours or more will have the rest of two hours, so avoid inconvenience and collaborator wear so we can have an excellent event
    If necessary to readjust the budget we are available for any clarification
    Security services for the Stand are provided part of the budget above the amount of R $ 230.00 reais day period of up to 14 hours

    Any questions, we are available.

  • Lafaline disse:


    Somos a Lafaline, uma empresa do grupo Lafaiete com 50 anos, e estamos à disposição para Projetar e Orçar seus mobiliário Técnico e corporativo.

    Estamos à disposição.

    Equipe de Projetos

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